The Complete Help Desk CRM Solution For The Best Customer Experience

Resolution1 is a flexible customer experience, live chat, and help desk customer care solutions platform that is affordable and super easy to use.

Customer Service

React to Customer Concerns
(Private Communications, Live Chat and Manage Inquiries)

Customer Care

Anticipate Customer Needs
(Analytics, Automation and Reporting)

Customer Feedback

Generate New Customers
(Request and Showcase reviews)

Customer Experience is the holistic approach that goes beyond just reacting to your customers. Take care of your customers by proactively anticipating customer challenges and grow your business by attracting new customers through positive customer feedback. Customer Experience takes into account the overall customer journey by building long term relationships with your customers.

Businesses cannot be managed by email, our solutions keep track of what’s important to run your businesses all on one unified platform.

Take your business to the next level with Resolution1’s all-in-one solution that combines Customer Service, Customer Care, and Customer Feedback, to increase customer retention, while attracting new customers.

Manage customer support across email, chat, and social media


Resolution1’s help desk software makes it easy for your customer service team to manage customer requests and conversations across channels, help support customers better, and deliver a more personal service to make your business stand out.


With Resolution1 all customer communication and conversation history is in one place regardless of which channel the customer uses to contact you. Supported channels include Email, Website Chat, Facebook, Twitter, GripeVine and more coming soon.

Deliver exceptional customer satisfaction to your existing customers


Stay on top of your customers and conversations using Resolution1’s robust reporting and analytic tools. You can also track sentiment and identify additional insights to get a holistic view of your company.


Be proactive with your customers by providing automated notifications using Resolution1’s customizable automation tools.

Grow your business with positive customer feedback


Turn your customers into promoters by automatically requesting for customer reviews to improve your company’s online reputation.


Build on honesty and transparency, by showcasing the story of your customers’ experience and turn their feedback into real business results.

The Resolution1 Marketplace lets you customize the solutions you need to manage your customer care seamlessly on one platform

Facebook MessengerReceive and respond to Facebook Messenger messages from one centralized dashboard. Put Facebook Messenger at your fingertips right inside Resolution1.
ZapierConnect Resolution1 to over 1000 other 3rd party apps on Zapier and improve your team’s productivity.
TwitterEasily manage and reply to tweets and direct messages sent and received from your Twitter account.
WordPressEasily add the Resolution1 embeddable widget to your WordPress site and connect with your customers.

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