Customer Care

Integrated Features To Stay Ahead Of Your Customers

Anticipate customer challenges or questions and proactively provide solutions and answers to those issues prior to them arising

The help desk solution that helps you exceed customer expectations

Personalize Communications

Resolution1 offers an easy and simple way to personalize your email communications for every customer. Look professional by customizing your email templates to fit your brand messaging.


Automate your customer care processes with case routing, escalation, and task creation. Use feedback responses to kick off automated customer marketing emails or internal notifications to your team.


Resolution1 offers robust out-of-the-box analytics to give your business an instant health check on your business across all platforms


Measure the impact of your customer care efforts with Resolution1’s built-in reporting tools that track case volume and response time, customer feedback, and more. Generate, Download and Print custom reports that align to your business needs.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power. Reduce resolution times by arming your agents with actionable information. Go beyond customer insights and put the right answer at your agents fingertips, to resolve issues at speed.

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