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Engaging through social media is only the start.

In today’s environment, if you are missing commentary on your company in social media you are missing how your brand is being defined. Use Resolution1 to hear the chatter, find it, and gather it. We don’t stop there: each instance of customer feedback is brought into Resolution1 to conduct real investigation, get real answers and provide real responses. That’s what customers expect.

Listen to everything that your customers want to tell you.

Customers also want to reach you directly and Resolution1 will provide a dedicated channel right on your website and support the interaction channels that you offer, like phone, email, snail-mail, and text. And customers often say more than one thing in their communication. Our system allows you to efficiently handle each part of your customers’ feedback: issues, praise or service requests.

Collaborating with all the right people.

Efficiently manage your cases to track and control an effective response. Resolution1 ensures that the right people are involved and easily reached: from your customer, to internal personnel, to external suppliers, even supporting efficient escalation tailored to senior management.

Complete tracking for the most efficient responses.

Resolution1 gives you full control of your workflows, with intuitive, easy-to-use screens. Track deadlines, receive urgent notifications, mobilize immediate service for customers: all serving to keep your teams aligned in your service and response to your customers’ needs.

Break bottlenecks and focus on the customer.

It is essential to have the tools to make your teams productive, break bottlenecks, provide speedy responses and spend more time focusing on your customer than navigating administration.

The case is closed but it doesn't end there.

Resolution1 completes the Circle. Initiate post-recovery programs by launching marketing campaigns for selected customers and recognition campaigns for selected employees. Get critical information on your business into the right hands to share your performance and improve your performance.

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