Per Company / Per Month
Maximum 2 Agents

  • Social Media tracking and response for Facebook and Twitter and 5 more sites.

  • Portal on your website to
    invite feedback.

  • User-friendly input screen to capture the customer view.

  • Respond easily to customers.

  • Receive customer feedback on your response.



Per Agent / Per Month

    All Bronze features plus:

  • Branded website portal¬†and customer interface¬†screens.

  • Comprehensive messaging and notification systems.

  • Reminders and due dates for action, with real time track-
    ing on each case.



Per Agent / Per Month

    All Silver features plus:

  • Customized input tool for all sources of customer feedback.

  • Automatic routing of issues to correct location, including escalation.

  • Auto-prioritize cases for handling.



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    All Gold features plus:

  • Supplier collaboration to
    have third parties included
    in case handling.

  • Automatically generate correspondence and compensation fulfillment.

  • Scorecards for corrective action and customer recov-
    ery process.

  • Enable execution of post-
    recovery marketing pro-