Why Resolution1


Resolution1 is the total solution for customer care & feedback management, providing businesses with one integrated tool that facilitates the entire cycle of the customer feedback and resolution process with increased efficiency and response productivity.



Connect companies directly with their customers in social media, with tools to accommodate a high volume of customer feedback. Move beyond passive listening or superficial engagement and generate timely, relevant, and quality responses.


Handle all of the channels through which your customers want to talk to you, using one system to integrate all instances of customer commentary and feedback.


Deliver unparalleled collaboration, productivity, and response features designed specifically for the world of customer relations and feedback management. Focus on customers, not administration.


Support the Post-Recovery process with tools that allow you to reach out to the customers who reached out to you and convert them into your champions and brand advocates.


Involve your employees by ensuring that you can pass on the good news as well as the issues and to connect with your people to reinforce their winning behaviours.










Beyond social monitoring:


Resolution1 instantly locates real-time, online consumer conversations about companies and permits direct engagement with the customer and we recognize that resolution goes beyond one-dimensional engagement.


Company leaders are asking how their firms can deliver a quality engagement experience in social media. Resolution1 provides complete internal process support for the real-life workflow of responding to customers. It is built to guide you through the key steps: Hear, Connect, Collaborate, Investigate, Act, Respond, Recover.




Beyond creating and routing tickets:


Taking the right steps to truly engage with customer feedback is more than a Help Desk activity. Resolution1 was designed by customer service and customer relations experts and built to support the real-life steps involved in effectively and efficiently responding to customers.


Segment single customer communications into their multiple parts for efficient handling of issues, praise, and urgent services needs.
Escalate essential items to senior management by highlighting and distilling only the relevant information - not just adding a cc to yet another unwieldy email chain.
Easy communication streams for approvals and to involve outsource supplier partners.
Gather all of the fulfillment, compensation and communication elements required for an effective response in one easily accessible location


Beyond handling complaints:


Complaints are just one dimension of customer feedback. Resolution1 goes beyond with effective handling for employee praise and recognition, reinforcing winning behaviour on the front lines. Also, a high priority service action stream dispatches support to solve issues that need immediate attention. And Resolution1 permits businesses to engage even further through a post-recovery process, transforming customer issues into opportunities to generate new business and to create campaigns to reinforce great employee behaviour.

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