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  • Automatically search and gather the chatter about your organization from the public internet.
  • An easy-to-use interface allows you to engage with Customers who are talking about you in social media.
  • Lead the conversation by efficiently transforming the chatter into a private interaction with your Customer.
  • Customize and streamline your Customers’ feedback with input templates that get you the information you need to efficiently process their complaints or their commendations.
  • Efficiently blend all of your channels by supporting customer feedback through various channels, such as phone, email, text and use an integrated system to manage your total response process.
  • Lead the conversation by being accessible and responsive through your own customized portal on your web site.
  • Automatically prioritize and route Customer feedback for a speedy and efficient response, including the splitting of a single case into multiple issues, all directed to the right people.
  • Control the work flows with real-time tracking of each case and its deadlines, with reminder alerts sent to all involved team members.
  • Lead the conversation by effectively bringing your people and your suppliers together to quickly resolve Customer issues, including the dispatch of support personnel.
  • Lead the conversation with team members who have the information they need at their fingertips to quickly resolve issues; on your policies, directives, emergency guidance, and through internal blogging functions.
Responding to your customer

We place the most flexible toolkit for managing customer relations & feedback at your disposal, for the independent small business or the largest corporation.  Resolution1 delivers a total solution for customer feedback management, turning customer complaints into opportunities to shine and customer commendations into opportunities to excite your team.

Connecting with
the Customer


Invite the Customer to speak to you through your web site or through other channels that you support.

Internal Collaboration

Bring your team together with the ultimate toolkit for case management. Communicate, investigate and resolve.

Response Productivity

Efficiently generate the information and documents you need to respond to your Customer.

Winning Your Customer & Your People

Understand the performance of your business, turn complaints into revenue and commendations into celebration.