About Us

Our Start

Resolution1 was founded to deliver a modern and comprehensive platform for customer relations management, attuned to the challenges posed by today’s volume of consumer feedback, accompanied by high expectations for rapid, high quality interactions between companies and their customers.


Resolution1's founding team comprises industry veterans with expertise in the fields of senior enterprise management, social media, customer relations, and complaint resolution. They have first-hand experience with both the challenges & potential of social media, combined with the power of hearing & responding to your customers. Despite the variety of social media monitoring and ticket management systems available, they noticed a gap in the marketplace. There was no single platform end-to-end system that encompassed all facets of customer feedback management, and so the idea for Resolution1 was born.


Social Media & Customer Voices

Addressing Today's Challenges

Listening to business leaders who strive to engage with customers and build their brands through the power of customer service excellence, Resolution1 identified and addressed three main challenges.



Volume & Quantity

Volume & Quality


Facebook now has over 800 million users, and Twitter alone is seeing over a half billion user messages per day. With so much noise, it's essential for companies to identify important conversations in the first place and equally important to enable companies to provide quality and relevant responses to the large number of customer messages scattered across a variety of channels.






Social media is often spoken about and treated as a separate stream of customer feedback and communications; however, social media & traditional-source feedback should be integrated. The goal is to avoid fragmentation between marketing and customer service teams, eliminate wasted time and duplication of efforts, and incorporate customer and employee engagement campaigns.




Hearing vs Listening

Hearing vs. Listening


Simply monitoring social media and sending superficial responses isn't enough. Businesses are "listening", but effective social media feedback management requires "hearing." Hearing means understanding & acting on customer messages, providing quality responses and then turning them into valuable and actionable insights.



The Environment